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About Hotel

Forward Hotel Taipei - Nangang Branch is one of the epidemic prevention quarantine hotels. (Quarantine hotel no. 02111) We provide a safe and secure way for those entering Taiwan to undergo quarantine measures. This is part of the government's efforts to control the spread of the COVOD-19 virus and reduce risks to the general community. We provide quality and perfect environment, complete facilities, and featured supplies. We are located nearby MRT Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center station/Nangang Software Park station
Forward Hotel Nangang is located on Nangang Sanchong Road, and it is next to the Nangang Jingmao Park, walk for about 5 minutes from the TWTC Nangang Exhibition Hall and MRT Nangang Software Park. We are also close to the East Riverside express way、Zhongshan National Highway and Second Freeway; that make the traffic convenient to all travelers and visitors. The hotel incorporates classic, elegant design with foreign ambiance; enhance the leisurely romantic atmosphere of the Nangang District. A 32 inch LCD television, free wireless and Japanese satellite TV channels are amenities in each of 66 quest rooms that make it easy for you to receive up-to-date business information in your own room. All quest rooms have automatic smoke detectors and are constructed with fire-resistant materials to ensure our quests’safty and to enable you to satisfy a peaceful and comfortable stay with us. The lobby has provided free 24-hour computers, broadband internet access, and mail and fax service for our business travelers. After the Forward Hotel Taipei brand new opening, the Forward Enterprise Group success build up such hotel includes Ban-Qiao Forward Hotel Taipei, Forward Suites Hotel, and Hotel Purity. In order to provide an innovative style while maintaining the beauty of classic North-Europe elements, Forward Hotel Nangang underwent an years renovation effort, after which creatively selected modern design art facilities were placed throughout the hotel and many romance touches of North-Europe designs were added. The concept of the Forward Hotel Nangang is to make every Forward quests to be comfortable and stay in the clean nice accommodation. The all-new Forward Hotel Nangang will keep continue provide exquisite service and warm comfortable stay to all tourists.

Hotel History
Forward Hotel Taipei was previously known as the Viscount Hotel, which was one of the most famous tourist hotels in Taipei City. The scale and amenities of Viscount Hotel were acknowledged by many to be among the best and due to its complete lifestyle amenities and high accessibility, Viscount Hotel quickly become the premier tourist hotel among Japanese tourists.
Older generations still remember the Viscount Hotel Western Restaurant which was located on the first floor of the hotel. Its European-style interior design and the fact that it was also an expensive steak house made it both a great place to do business and a romantic setting for couples to enjoy a meal together.
As time passed, Viscount Hotel finally ceased operations in 2007 after serving guests for more than 10 years. The all-new Forward Hotel Taipei will stand at Viscount Hotel’s former location along Yi-Jiang Street and, after six months of renovation efforts, will revive its glorious past and continue to provide a comfortable stay to all tourists. This hotel is another success of Forward Enterprise Group, other hotels under this group include: Ban-Qiao Forward Hotel Taipei, Forward Suites Hotel, and Hotel Purity.

Start Your Carefree Journey with Forward!
In synch with Forward Enterprise Group's mission of providing "sincere, practical, reliable, and high-quality service" to our customers, Forward HotelTaipei is the group's newest hotel catered toward business travelers. To separate itself from the rest, the "swallow" is the main concept of Forward Hotel Taipei. The swallow's wings are the key motif of the hotel logo to give guests a more animated and lasting impression, a metaphor of how business travelers can begin their journey with hope. The letter "F" is incorporated in the logo so that our guests can easily associate the group name with the logo and to further differentiate ourselves from other business hotels in the region.
The English hotel logo uses modern lines and proportion in its design and incorporates the letters “A” and “O” to symbolize “Grade-A Service” and “Well-Rounded Service.” Hopefully the hotel can help bring success to its guests!